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Monday, August 4, 2014

Information About Shahbazpur Town in Brahmanbaria District

Shahbazpur Town  is a town nagar in Brahmanbaria District in the state of Chittagong DivisionBangladesh. It consists of a self-governing town and It has 1 union parishad, 6 mouzas and 17villages. Its geographical coordinates are 24° 3′ 6″ North, 91° 10′ 24″ East and its original old name (with diacritics) is Shāhbāzpur.


Shahbazpur Town is located at 24.051667°N 91.173333°E. It has 7958 units of house hold and total area 23.9 km².


As of the 1991 Bangladesh censusShahbazpur Town has a population of 35,288. Males constitute 50.27% of the population, and females 49.73%. This towns's eighteen up population is 20,746. Shahbazpur Town has an average literacy rate of 74% (7+ years), and the national average of 82% literate.


Shahbazpur Town has 1 Unions/Wards, 6 Mauzas/Mahallas, and 17 villages. As all Bangladesh towns, ShahbazpurTown is sub-divided into so-called villages. List of unions villages or other areas of this town.

  • Shahbazpur Union (Union Council)
  • Bolurampur (Village)
  • Khomutapur (Village)
  • Shahbazpur (Village)
  • Rajamarakandi (Village)
  • Tumontur (Village)
  • Jadubpur (Village)
  • North Dithpur (Village)
  • South Dithpur (Village)
  • Nismontupur (Village)
  • Voishamura (Village). etc
  • Titas Nadirpar (River)
  • Shapla beel (lake)
  • Madrasha Bazar, 2nd Gate (main town area)
  • Khan Market (main town area)
  • Arot Bazar (port area)
  • Dhaka-Sylhet Highway (road)
  • Titas River, Bridge Side (port area)
  • Titas Bridge/also known as Shahbazpur Shetu (bridge)
  • Shahbazpur Highway Police Station (Police Station)
  • 1st Gate, Post Office Para (Post Office).


Majority of people living here are Muslims, and also Hindus. The main occupation of people here is businesses, agriculture as this area is highly fertile. The population of the Shahbazpur Town is around 35,288 (50.27% male, 49.73% female), with the literacy rate of 82%. It needs to mentioned that Shahbazpur M.L. High SchoolShahbazpur Girls High School and Shahbazpur Darul Ulum Madrasah were established in 1907, 2000 and 1886 respectively


The Shahbazpur Town is directly connected to Asian-Highway road.

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